Safer Buildings

Safer Buildings and Safer for the Environment

The Environment

Precast concrete is inert, so it does not leach out any harmful chemical, making it a perfect choice for water distribution and storage. In addition, precast does not emit any gases, toxic compounds or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and does not contribute to “sick building syndrome”.

Safer Worksite and Surrounding Community

Precast means a cleaner and safer work site. Structure components are cast in a nearby approved manufacturing facility and brought onto the site for immediate erection – eliminating the need for large, unsightly staging areas and forming materials littering the site.

Precast systems eliminate the need for large on-site construction crews and the disruptions construction crews can bring to a construction site and the immediate neighborhood. Precast elements are brought in for just-in-time delivery and put into place by a small, select team of experienced builders.

Structural Resilience

Precast Hybrid Moment Frame delivers superior seismic performance in an earthquake compared to conventionally framed steel and concrete structures. The precast ductile frame is designed to handle significant seismic drift while experiencing minimal damage due to its post-tensioned, self-righting mechanism. Truly a “resilient” structure.