Leverage technology, prefabrication, and construction expertise

California Education Precast Benefits

Move Work Off-Campus

Keep your campus flowing for your students, faculty, staff and visitors. Take construction work off-site and minimize disruption.

Shorten Schedules

No modern method results in faster construction schedules than prefabricated building systems.  But this isn’t about speed for speed’s sake. Amongst other things, it’s about greater schedule certainty for your project.

Reduce Site Impacts

Fewer workers on site for shorter overall duration means fewer car trips, fewer parking spaces required, fewer deliveries, and greater safety for workers and campus community alike.

Reduce Lifecycle Maintenance Costs

Maintenance budgets are overburdened.  Reduce maintenance requirements by using more durable materials.  Which will cost you more to maintain: wood and drywall or precast concrete?


Precast concrete is the ideal structural and architectural building component for any dormitory or higher education building. Precast concrete components benefit tenants, general contractors, architects and building owners alike in a variety of different ways, making precast the preferred building system of choice for residence halls and dormitories.

Benefits of Precast for Dormitory Housing

Acoustic Benefits

Precast concrete provides building tenants with the benefits of reduced exposure to exterior noise and floor-to-floor sound transmission,
resulting in a quiet living area.

Safer Building

Precast concrete is non-combustible with inherent fire-resistant capabilities, offering tenants a safer building envelope that protects occupants,
furnishings, and the building itself.

Energy Efficiency

The “thermal mass” is material function based on heat capacity “inertia” of concrete which helps reduce peak heating and cooling
loads, resulting in saving energy costs year-round by reducing large daily temperature swings.

Speed of Construction

Building owners benefit from the speed of construction due to prefabrication, saving months on a schedule, resulting in quicker occupancy.