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C-CAPP is a durable, lightweight, low maintenance cladding system that installs quickly and offers designers a wide range of Architectural Precast Concrete (APC) color, texture and detail choices. C-CAPP (Clark Composite Architectural Precast Panels) is a hybrid product comprised of a 2.25” thick concrete skin that is mechanically attached to a sturdy steel frame. C-CAPP panels weigh approximately 35 pounds per square foot and are an excellent choice for high-rise buildings, motels, hotels and office buildings.

Because there is no scaffolding required, installation of the pieces is quick thereby reducing time in the field. This quickly erected and durable weather-tight concrete cladding system is competitively priced and affords designers a high quality alternative to EIFS systems, stucco and masonry.


C-CAPP allows a virtually unlimited choice of architectural precast colors and textures. The C-CAPP system is appropriate for projects with relatively flat panels. C-CAPP can accommodate 1/2″ deep reveals, small bullnoses and small returns. Clark Pacific recommends our Architectural Precast Concrete products or our GFRC products for projects where the panels have deep shapes or large radii. On certain projects Clark Pacific recommends a combination of these products. C-CAPP solutions are designed to code and are appropriate for all climates and seismic zones.

C-CAPP is available with an integrated continuous insulation (CI) layer, affording potentially significant advantages for the building’s envelope design and energy savings.


C-CAPP is a turn-key system that can utilize a one-stop shop, using one contractor who designs, fabricates, installs and warrants the system. Clark Pacific has erected over 750,000 SF of C-CAPP on projects throughout the state of California.


The buildings created with C-CAPP are durable and become stronger with age. Unlike competing systems, there is no need to paint or repaint buildings that are clad using C-CAPP panels. Its durability and lower life-cycle costs make C-CAPP a cost competitive solution.

C-CAPP may be preferred by general liability and fire insurance carriers as the materials used have natural fire resistant properties, are weatherproof, and have an excellent history of performance.


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