Clark PARC

Clark PARC brings the benefits of prefabrication and off-site construction to owners and designers without risk.

Allowing owner/developers to more effectively design and build parking structures with cost and schedule certainty. PARC is a pre-engineered design, based on standards and best practices, yet customizable to meet unique project requirements and/or aesthetics.

Clark PARC is a complete precast design that can be used as is, or modified if needed, making it easy to deliver the added value and cost savings of prefabricated parking structures to owners.

Unlike conventional delivery methods, PARC is a turnkey solution, optimized to quickly deliver a high-quality parking structure at the lowest possible cost.

Clark PARC allows owners and designers to take advantage of off-site construction with a design optimized for prefabricated concrete.

Clark PARC can be delivered with less risk to the owner and with 2,200 fewer man days on site – numbers that are unmatched by traditional design and construction.

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Owner Benefits:

  • Schedule and Cost Certainty
  • Maximum Schedule Compression
  • Turn-Key Process
  • Optimized Pre-engineered design
  • 5 Yr. Structural Warranty

Clark PARC precast turn-key parking solution
Clark PARC Datasheet (PDF)