Safety and Structural Resilience in One Complete Package

The total precast hybrid moment frame system incorporates the latest seismic technology (developed over the last fifteen years), and is deemed by leading California structural engineers to be the best performing lateral resistance system available today.
The system offers the construction speed of steel, the durability and environmental efficiencies of concrete, and a seismic performance superior to either steel or concrete due to its unique ability to self-right after a major seismic event, enabling immediate occupancy of the structure. This feature is invaluable to institutional owners such as hospitals, government entities, and other purveyors of essential services, and of high interest to long-term private owners in high seismic areas interested in protecting their building investment and its occupants.

Resilient Structure

The Precast Hybrid Moment Frame comprises high quality precast column and beam elements, produced under factory-controlled conditions, that are connected together using traditional construction methods and materials: rebar, post-tensioning steel, and grout. Rebar and post-tensioning provide strength to the connection, with the rebar also acting to dissipate energy as in a traditional special moment frame. Most seismic systems dissipate energy through yielding, and it is not unusual for a building to lean after a major earthquake. As a unique feature, the elastic, unbonded post-tensioning used in the precast system is designed to overcome yielding in the frame and pull it back to a righted position.

Exterior facing elements of the system are classically finished architectural precast- offering an all-in-one efficiency whereby structural elements function as architectural elements.

Key Benefits

  • Superior seismic performance in an earthquake compared to conventionally framed steel and concrete structures. The precast ductile frame is designed to handle significantseismic drift while experiencing minimal damage due to its post-tensioned, self-righting mechanism. Truly a “resilient” structure.
  • An aesthetic appearance for the exterior that provides high quality architectural precast finish
  • integrated with the structure.
  • Faster installation than other traditional frameand skin cladding systems.
  • No interior shear walls or x-braces-allowing for greater interior visibility and security.
  • Better aesthetic appearance for the structure than other traditional frame and skin cladding
  • systems due to integrated finishes and the use of hidden connections.
  • Inherent fire-resistant qualities of concrete structure.
  • Lower long-term maintenance, for both the exterior and interior.
  • Superior vibration control (performance characteristics).
  • Environmentally-friendly use of locally extracted and manufactured materials (concrete) vs.
  • structural steel and fireproofing.