Clark PARC

PARC is a Pre-Engineered,
Single-Source Parking Structure Solution

What is Clark PARC?

Clark PARC is:

    • Parking delivered as a product.
    • Single source responsibility delivers for
       owners a high-quality parking structure
       at the lowest possible cost and in the 
       shortest amount of time.


Product-Based Delivery:

    • Complete pre-design based on
       standards, standard products & best
    • Ready to manufacture + build
    • Easily customized to accommodate  
       unique project-specific requirements
How does this Benefit the Owner?

  • Single source responsibility
    • “Factory Direct”
    • Reduced risk
  • Accelerated delivery process
    • Pre-design significantly reduces time and effort 
    • Standard products, custom where it matters
    • Supply chain control
    • Early revenue opportunity
  • Reduced design costs
  • Overall 5-10% lower cost than competing systems 
  • Compressed construction schedules
  • Standard 5-year warranty on structure
How We Are Different: Greater Controlled Costs Brings Greater Control

Through the design, manufacturing, self-perform and direct control of D/B trades, using the Clark PARC platform, we control more than 90% of all the associated costs in delivering the parking structure. This is how we can guarantee an early competitive price and delivery schedule.

Clark PARC

Standard Scope of Work

  • Complete design
    • Foundations and retaining walls
    • All structural framing
    • Elevator and stairs
    • Electrical / Lighting
    • Fire protection
    • Drainage
  • Factory production
  • Construction starting from
    a prepared pad
Integrated/Optimized System Components

The solution delivers a combined system of structural components, both gravity and lateral load resisting assemblies. Our solution also incorporates a variety of colors, finishes and textures that are integrated into the prefabricated components for greater efficiency, durability, and lowered maintenance costs.

This chart, which compares the most common structural systems used for parking structures: Cast-in-Place, Hybrid System or Post & Beam and a prefabricated concrete solution such as Clark PARC, categorically shows the advantages of PARC from all important aspects of a project, such as risk, cost, speed of design and construction, quality, aesthetics and site/neighborhood impacts.

Clark PARC Base Model
Clark PARC Customized

Here we have incorporated a formliner to the exterior spandrel/crash rail and a glass curtainwall to the elevators, as well as architectural enhancements to the core.

Clark PARC Standard Finishes

Choose from one of our standard finishes or customize your own.

Getting Started with Clark PARC

We need 6 things from you:

  1. Site: Size, Shape, and Location
  2. Number of Parking Stalls
  3. Adjacent Structures and Boundaries
  4. Geotechnical Information
  5. Level of Architectural Finish
  6. Any Other Unique Requirements

We’ll Provide:

  1. Preliminary Design, Schedule, & Budget
  2. GMP Within 4 Weeks