Collaborative Design Interface (CDI) – Campus Housing

Design with a prefabricated strategy in mind.

Announcing the Collaborative Design Interface for Campus Housing!

Our design interface tool is a rapid design tool that provides schematic campus housing designs which meet owner-driven requirements and design objectives, all the while incorporating prefabrication strategies.

Unlike the conventional design process, our design interface allows teams to take advantage of prefabrication and delivers design teams a precast ready schematic building. With a precast prefabricated structural design in hand, designers can then focus on building aesthetics and unique project needs that add value.

The tool will help keep designers on the cutting edge of technology and able to increase project value for owners.

Prefabricated campus housing structures are more durable, safer and energy efficient than wood framed residence halls and is Type 1 construction which allows university planners to build higher than four stories, utilizing real estate more efficiently.

Industry Benefits

Accelerate the Design Process

• Shorter time to market
• Design more and faster
• Increases design selection success

Increase Optioneering

• Integrate with precast and prefabrication knowledge
• Rapid ROM Estimates and High-level Analysis
• Quality improvements in the design-build process

Increase Efficiency

• Reduce rework and lead time
• Value plan rather than value engineer
• Leverage best practices and standard


The Collaborative Design Interface accelerates the learning curve for designing with prefabrication strategies and allows the design team to move rapidly and respond to the Owners questions in real time, positioning the design team as the thought leader in prefabricated building strategies.

Collaborative Design Interface Datasheet
Data sheet download here (PDF)

Collaborative Design Interface


Collaborative Design Interface

Screenshots from the CDI shows the visual interface used for rapid iteration of design concepts.


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