Facades Overview

A single source solution for owners and design teams for the complete building envelope.

Standard Canvas with Unlimited Aesthetic Options

We remove multiple trades from on site envelope construction. Starting with our standard frames and connections, our integrated envelope solutions provide effective and economical air, moisture, and thermal management – Allowing the design team to focus on a multitude of aesthetic options.

All our systems meet or exceed Title 24, water & vapor barrier requirements.

Color, Texture, and Other Materials

Whether meeting existing neighborhood look and feel, or creating a facade based on a match box, we can help you realize your design with our standard product offerings.

True Owner Value

Manufactured at any of its three industry certified plants, Clark Pacific’s Architectural Precast Solutions combine the benefits of high durability, low maintenance, excellent fire resistance and energy efficiency. This powerful combination makes architectural precast concrete an ideal solution for high-rise offices and residential towers, where emphasis in on prestige, luxury and aesthetic appeal, or lower-rise offices and commercial structures, where economy and durability are paramount.

Aesthetic Versatility

The clearest advantage of architectural precast is found in the virtually limitless design potential that can be achieved with its use.

Custom-made forms are used to create concrete panels in the precise dimensions and shapes specified by the designer. These forms introduce reveals, joints, patterns, and other expressive detailing to the panel surface.

Specific color effects can be achieved through varying sands, aggregates, and pigments. And textures can be customized through the use of differing levels of sandblast treatments. Additionally, stone, tile or brick veneers can be attached or cast into or even replicated in architectural precast panels at the plant, allowing designers to achieve dramatic aesthetic visual effects at minimal additional cost.

An Economical Choice

Architectural precast solutions are economical to produce, erect, and maintain. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by taking full advantage of the economies of scale made possible by precast concrete panel manufacturing techniques. Early consultation with Clark Pacific will help assure the most cost-effective approach to achieving the design vision.


GFRC panels are comprised of a 1” thick composite glass fiber concrete skin that is mechanically attached by flexible steel pins to a sturdy steel frame. GFRC panels are an excellent choice for high-rise buildings in areas of high seismic activity and for very decorative and intricate shapes and applications.

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C-CAPP is a durable, lightweight, low maintenance cladding systemthat installs quickly and offers designers a wide range of color, texture and detail choices. C-CAPP is a hybrid product comprised of a 2.25” thick concrete skin that is mechanically attached to a sturdy steel frame. C-CAPP is an excellent choice for high-rise buildings, motels, hotels and office buildings.

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