Infinite Panel

The Infinite Panel™ is a single source solution for the complete building envelope, utilizing a standard frame and connection system that meets or exceeds Title 24, water, vapor, sound and fire code requirements.

Our standardized panel is your canvas,​ giving design teams the freedom to focus on the aesthetics.
We designed and tested our system to meet or exceed these standards:


  • Air Infiltration ASTM E283 
  • Static Pressure Water Resistance ASTM E331 
  • Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance AAMA 501.1 Structural Performance ASTM E330 
  • Seismic Movement (Interstory) AAMA 501.4 
  • Sound Transmission ASTM E90 
  • In-situ Water Test AAMA 503.03 Fire Resistance Rating ASTM E119, NFPA 285
  • Title 24
Our Approach – Target Value Design

The 6 Steps to Creating Your Façade

  1. Define the budget based on TVD categories.
  2. Decide on a prescriptive or performance based design strategy
  3. Select the window to wall ratio strategy
  4. Determine weight limits of the façade the structure can carry
  5. Establish the aesthetic vision
  6. Based on the above criteria, we will build a palette of options that meet the project goals  
Choose what’s best for your project depending on your aesthetic goal and budget.

The Infinite Panel™ offers design category tiers that streamlines the design to budget process, allowing for rapid iterations speeding the design time and ensuring budget and schedule certainty.

Infinite Panel is the complete barrier wall,
including windows.
This example shows a 60/40 opaque wall to window ratio. Infinite Panel meets or exceeds prescriptive energy performance requirements.