Office Building

Office Buildings


From medical office buildings, to research centers and corporate headquarters, Clark Pacific is a leader in production and erection of office buildings in the Western US. From thermal comfort to daylighting and flexible, column-free workspaces, precast concrete can help contribute to the health, well-being and productivity of a building’s occupants.

Precast concrete is a popular option in the construction of office buildings.  Designed for use in low, mid, and high-rise office buildings, precast provides superior aesthetics, seismic performance,  fire resistance and sound control for the owner and occupants.

The walls and structural components of the building can be manufactured while the on-site foundations are being built, providing significant time savings and resulting in earlier occupancy than competing systems. The speed and ease with which precast concrete structures can be built has helped make precast a popular building material for owners looking for high quality, sustainable solutions, delivered efficiently and quickly.

Precast concrete allows efficient, economical construction and provides offices with long clear spans and open spaces needed for flexible interior build-out of the offices.


The aesthetics achieved by precast concrete are also a driving force for many owners and design teams.  Beautiful, Class A architectural finishes can be achieved in exterior facing structural elements, offering additional construction efficiency, quality control and cost savings for the project. We call this our “All-in-One” system which relies on years of architectural and structural precast experience and expertise.

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