Student Housing

Student Housing

To meet the rapid demand for housing and satisfy both the students and university requirements, forward thinking institutions are turning to prefabrication as an alternative to conventional construction.

Institutions expanding their campus housing that want confidence in the budget and schedule without sacrificing quality, our prefabricated building systems increase the work done off-site and reduce campus disruption. Unlike traditional construction, we deliver customized living systems as a manufactured product that meets design-build certainty, for mid to high rise residential buildings.

Universities and colleges seeking to draw students, quality housing has become crucial to student recruitment and retention.

Prefabricated precast student housing structures are more durable, safer and energy efficient than wood framed residence halls and is Type 1 construction which allows university planners to build higher than four stories, utilizing real estate more efficiently.

Student and University Benefits:

  • Schedule and cost certainty
  • Reduced site impacts
  • Lower Lifecycle costs
  • Healthier buildings
  • Resilient Structures
  • Safer Buildings
  • Energy Efficient



Student Housing Building Maintenance Savings

Stanford Comstock Housing Construction Progression

Stanford Comstock Housing Construction Progression

Munger Law Graduate Residences

Prefabricated Student Housing Benefits

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