Window Solutions

Integrating windows into our prefabricated insulated architectural or structural panel systems reduces risk, allowing for a single point of contact with your facade design. Our solutions substantially reduce jobsite impacts and improve schedules. Our glass and glazing division is comprised of tenured industry professionals, their experience allows us to source the best solutions, products and partners to meet project specific needs.

Glass and Glazing Systems

In order to be a single point of contact for the building envelope, we started our own glass and glazing division.

Now all our façade systems can include the windows – preinstalled at the plant, removing another step off of the job site.

Glass and glazing systems can be incorporated with any of our envelope solutions

Window Construction

Thermally broken solutions

Glazing assemblies will be NFRC Rated dual glazing with Low-e reflective treatment.

See the following table for summary of window performance value assumptions. All assumptions are made based on the overall window NFRC rated values. Values have been estimated where performance data was not provided.

Our standard window solution can have custom options:

Operable windows, custom face caps and vents.

Product Comparison Categories

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Connections
  • Competitive Prices

Meets or exceeds code requirements for the following:

  • T24
  • Air/Water
  • Seismic
  • Fire
  • STC
Clark Pacific Standardized Solutions Provides
  • Fixed Operable – Four Sides Frame and Glass
  • High Thermal Performance
  • High Structural Performance
  • High STC/OITC capacity
  • Standard Finishes
  • Standard Connections
  • Standard Installation
  • No Thermal Bridging and “ci” at transition to our framed panel options