Integrating windows into our prefabricated lightweight or structural panel systems reduces risk, allowing for a single point of contact with your facade design. Our glass and glazing division is comprised of tenured industry professionals, their experience allows us to source the best solutions, products and partners to meet project specific needs.

We now offer Halio® Smart Glass as a window option for our Infinite Facade building envelope system.

Halio Smart Glass elevates the facility value and tenant experience in multiple ways:

  • Superior color: clear, like low-E glass, when un-tinted. Cool-gray when tinted.
  • Fast: tints/clears 10x faster than other solutions, tinting the full range in under 3 minutes
  • Responsive: Daylight is sampled every 30 seconds and tinting begins within 15 seconds making Halio the only smart glass that can respond in real-time to unpredicted weather changes
  • Even tinting: A Halio window or façade tints evenly – no halos, honeycombs, bullseye or other obvious and distracting tinting patterns
  • Tint levels: Only Halio has unlimited tint level stops between clear and fully tinted, enabling a façade with Halio Smart Glass to maximize the daylight let in rather than block it out, while optimizing for glare and heat gain management
Simulation of Halio Smart Glass
Halio smart glass computer rendering

Ease of Installation

With Halio windows integrated into the envelope system, all window control wiring is included, simplifying the final connectivity to the Halio System control electronics.  Furthermore, Halio’s system AI is in the cloud, reducing on-premise hardware with its limitations and maintenance issues.

To learn more about the Halio Smart Glass Solution visit Halio.

Let’s talk about integrating smart glass in our building envelope solutions.

Kaiser Roseville Window Panel Install

Single Solution Windows

We have formed partnerships with some of the top window manufacturers in the country for solutions specific to our facade systems; sourcing only high quality and proven exterior window systems for your project.

The panel and the window system are engineered as a single solution. The design and detailing of the window connections are done as part of the exterior cladding package so details are coordinated and included in one exterior enclosure submittal.

Glass and Glazing Systems​

All our facade systems can include windows which are preinstalled at the plant, further removing work offsite.

This provides:

  • Greater control over quality of window installation
  • Installation performed at ground level in controlled conditions
  • Window testing is performed in factory prior to arriving on site
  • Factory installed windows allow for faster enclosure schedules
  • Number of trades on construction site is reduced
  • Eliminates the need for material staging on site
  • Panel openings are shipped to the site weather-tight, allowing other trades to start sooner
  • Eliminates need for temporary enclosures at window openings
LA Live Marriott C-CAPP Insulated Facade System