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Vernon Street Office Building - Roseville

Designed for use in low, mid, and high-rise office buildings, our office solutions provide superior aesthetics, seismic performance, fire resistance and sound control for the owner and occupants.

Prefabrication allows for efficient, economical construction and provides offices with long clear spans and open spaces needed for flexible interior build-out.

The City of Roseville is extremely pleased with the project outcome. Publicly-funded projects of this size, scope and complexity are rarely, if ever, completed in the timeframe of 316 Vernon, due in significant part to the precast design and innovative just-in-time construction methods. Other added benefits from an operational perspective include lower long-term maintenance costs, superior sound isolation/exterior noise suppression, and approximately 30% less energy consumption attributable to heating and cooling as a result of the building’s efficient thermal mass. As the owner and occupant, we couldn’t be happier.

Mike Isom, City of Roseville
California Precast Office Building

Design Where it Matters

The aesthetics achieved with prefabrication is also a driving force for many owners and design teams. Beautiful, Class A architectural finishes can be achieved in exterior facing structural elements, offering additional construction efficiency, quality control and cost savings for the project.

Exterior facing elements of the system can be architecturally finished as part of the production process – offering additional material efficiency whereby structural elements function as architectural elements as well.

This is the most prominent building on the town square and it was important that we had an architectural look and finish that would stand the test of time and truly be a hallmark for our downtown.

Mike Isom - Roseville City Manager
Cover Roseville City Hall Annex Case Study

Roseville City Hall Annex
Case Study


Learn more about how the city of Roseville’s City Hall Annex originally called for a steel structure with a plaster finish. However, given it’s accelerated schedule, tight site and resiliency requirements the City selected a complete prefabricated concrete building using the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF).

The PHMF gave the architect flexibility in the design, met its tight delivery requirements and provided the City with reassurance that during an earthquake, critical operations and services would be housed in a resilient structure.

Vernon Street Office Building - Roseville


Prefabricated concrete structures provide superior resistance to fire and natural disasters. Like no other building material, its resistance to rain, wind damage, and earthquakes, provides lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Thermal Efficiency​

Costs associated with heating and cooling can be greatly reduced through concrete’s thermal mass benefits. Reduced peak heating and cooling loads can be achieved because concrete reacts slowly to changes in outside temperature.
Apple Park Office Building
Caltrans District 3 Headquarters

Low Maintenance

The exterior of a prefabricated concrete structure can be left unpainted without damage from the elements and are subject to less damage and easier to wash and maintain.

Sound Control

Because of concrete’s density, buildings absorb sound, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential buildings.

Roseville Annex Building Kitchen

The “All-in-One” total precast approach which applies high-quality architectural finishes to exterior exposed precast structural frames was decisive in the design-build team’s win. This cost-effective approach eliminated the need for fireproofing and a secondary facade system, sped up the construction schedule and, through the additional application of the structurally resilient Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF), helped deliver the wide open and well-lit interior spaces that are the hallmarks of this showcase project.