SV5 Data Center

SF-Bay Area

Leading data centers take advantage of precast's durability and design flexibility.

For this colocation data center, precast provides high levels of durability and hardened shell security required by data centers.  High quality architectural finishes and the LEED rating achieved on the project make it all the more attractive to a very eco-friendly Silicon Valley.

The project features 54,000 SF of architecturally finished precast wall panels of two different types.  The first type are 8′ x 52′ tall wall panels featuring formliner finishes.  The second type are 10′ x 35′ tall wall panels featuring a solid black integrally colored finish.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: San Jose

Building Type: Data Center

Square Feet: 54100

Year Completed: 2010

Job Number: 1432



General Contractor

Structural Engineer



Through collaborative design, advanced manufacturing and efficient construction, we transform the way buildings are delivered. Our people are paving the way for prefabrication as a smarter, safer and more efficient way to bring great designs to life, while reducing risk and providing owners with cost, schedule and scope certainty.

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