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Tekla Case Study: Clark Pacific Improves Efficiency, Productivity and Quality

For more than 50 years, Clark Pacific has helped shape the vibrant urban landscape of the West Coast. The award-winning design-build manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete has completed over 2,500 large structural projects spanning high-profile commercial, residential, parking structures and stadiums, including the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. The company maintains its stellar reputation by continually improving its processes to deliver better structures.

Senior Project Manager Martin Scheiber and his team guide Clark Pacific clients through the design phase, the fabrication process and into the field. For most of its fabrication, the firm has standardized processes around Tekla Structures, which enables them to coordinate between engineering, precast and rebar fabrication, procurement and project management. This strategy results in better structures, built more quickly, with less impact to the site and reduced lifecycle costs for the owners.

“The productivity of construction really hasn’t improved in the last 50 years,” said Scheiber. “We look at companies outside the construction industry for inspiration to boost our productivity. We’re not afraid to change the way we use technology if it produces better results.”



“Accurate Tekla Structures models create a single source of truth, taking quality to whole new level,” said Scheiber. “We can check the model, know that it’s right and then reuse the information as needed.”

“We’ve also seen huge gains in quality on the production end,” said Scheiber. “I used to spend a lot of time on the line trying to explain how parts should fit together or helping to fix things that didn’t fit. By running clash detection in the Tekla Structures model, we can focus on producing rather than on solving problems that shouldn’t exist in the first place. We are also able to generate Bar Bending Schedules directly from model.” Read the full story.


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