Clark Pacific’s Approach To Sustainability

Prefabrication and sustainability are very interdependent, and you are most likely to achieve a sustainable building when the sustainability goals are designed into the product.

How We Demonstrate Sustainability

Positive impact on community

Prefabrication reduces thousands of trips on and off job sites for less cluttered construction sites for workers, less noise, dust, and delivery disruption to the local community.

Renewable energy-powered operations

By the end of 2022 following our company-wide solar farm expansion projects, 100% of energy used at all our CA manufacturing plants will be renewably sourced from on-site photovoltaic panels.

Zero waste operations

The Woodland plant is a nearly ‘zero waste’ operating facility in responsibly diverting waste from landfills, with a diversion rate of nearly 90%.

Positive impact on people

Having a controlled, repeatable process in the manufacturing plant results in a safer working environment, reducing the risk of unforeseen hazards that are common with traditional construction.

What Sustainability Means To Us

Our sustainability strategic plan embodies considerations for our impact on people, the environment, and the economy. At Clark Pacific we understand that sustainability requires a holistic approach throughout everything we do. Because we are a company that believes in being a force for good, Clark Pacific will also lead sustainability efforts by doing so with purpose.

How Can We Help With Your Sustainability Goals?

A complete structural office building designed with occupant comfort and sustainability in mind.

A pre-engineered, multi-scope building envelope solution, with design and aesthetic flexibility.

Reduce overall project risk through improved cost and schedule certainty as well as greater supply chain controls.

A sustainable concrete solution for the built environment.