Precast Hybrid Moment Frame

Illustration of the Hybrid Moment Frame During an Earthquake

The Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF) system represents the latest seismic-resistance technology and is deemed to be one of the best performing lateral resistance systems available today.

The system offers the benefits of prefabricated building systems, the durability and mass-building benefits of concrete construction, and a seismic performance superior to all other conventional systems due to its unique ability to self-right after a major seismic event, enabling immediate 
re-occupancy of the structure.

Superior seismic performance in an earthquake compared to conventionally framed steel and concrete structures. The ductile frame is designed to handle significant seismic drift while experiencing minimal damage due to its post-tensioned, self-righting mechanism for a truly “resilient” structure.

The ductile frame is designed to handle significant seismic drift while experiencing minimal damage due to its post-tensioned, self-righting mechanism. Truly a “resilient” structure.

Most seismic systems dissipate energy through yielding, and it is not unusual for a building to lean after a major earthquake. As a unique feature, the elastic, unbonded post-tensioning used in the PHMF system is designed to overcome yielding in the frame and pull it back to a righted position.

Exterior facing elements of the system can be architecturally finished as part of the production process – offering additional material efficiency whereby structural elements function as architectural elements as well.

Hybrid Moment Frame Components Illustration

CSU Sacramento Parking Structure 5
Case Study

Sacramento State’s Parking Structure 5, exemplified all the characteristics of a construction delivery best-practice project. The use of off-site manufacturing methods along with the Collaborative (Progressive) Design-Build approach made the project innovative, efficient and minimized overall disruption to the busy campus in Sacramento, California. Project highlights:
  • Completed in 11 months​
  • On budget​
  • Approach removed 5,700 worker-days offsite, reducing site impacts​
  • Recognized nationally for its sustainability features​
  • Achieved USRC Gold rating for resiliency

Other Benefits of the PHMF System

  • Faster installation than other traditional frame​ and skin cladding systems.
  • No interior shear walls or x-braces allowing for greater interior visibility and security.
  • Inherent fire-resistant qualities of concrete​ structure.
  • Lower long-term maintenance, for both the​ exterior and interior.
  • Superior vibration control​ (performance characteristics).
  • Environmentally-friendly use of locally and​ regionally extracted and manufactured materials​ (concrete) vs. structural steel and fireproofing.
Cover Roseville City Hall Annex Case Study

Roseville City Hall Annex Case Study


Learn more about how the city of Roseville’s City Hall Annex originally called for a steel structure with a plaster finish. However, given it’s accelerated schedule, tight site and resiliency requirements the City selected a complete prefabricated concrete building using the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF).

The PHMF gave the architect flexibility in the design, met its tight delivery requirements and provided the City with reassurance that during an earthquake, critical operations and services would be housed in a resilient structure.