800 J Lofts

Northern California

Loft-style, total precast apartment building, utilizing a state-of-the-art precast hybrid moment-frame system.

Sacramento’s 800 J Lofts is a highly visible, public/ private downtown mixed-use residential project that exemplifies the best that precast systems can be to the design-build team and the community. The project implements the latest seismic technology in the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame; it integrates high-end architectural finishes on structural elements; and it helps the community fulfill goals of downtown redevelopment and revitalization.

Implementation of the latest precast innovations

This is the first total precast mixed-use structure in California to employ the new Precast Hybrid Moment Frame as its chief means of seismic resistance. The building is designed to not only save life and limb during a seismic event, but it also enables immediate re-occupancy afterwards due to its inherent self-righting mechanism. This precast-enabled feature represents true owner and tenant value.

Integrated high-end architectural finishes on structural elements to fully express design intent

 The street-exposed structural elements form the skin of the building and were crafted with architectural finishes including multiple mix designs (8 in total for the exterior exposed elements!), reveals, and different levels of texture, providing a rich tapestry for the downtown location. Because the interiors of these structural elements were left exposed on the interior as well, the entire elements were cast using white cement and added colors. The structure blurs the lines between what is architectural precast and what is structural precast.

An expression of community

The project itself (a public/private jointly funded venture) was at the heart of and fully embodied a breakthrough in downtown redevelopment and revitalization. It was the first downtown residential project completed in many years, and was built on a half city block that had been an empty blight since a fire destroyed the previous structure over 15 years earlier.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: Sacramento

Building Type: Mixed-Use

Square Feet: 352227

Year Completed: 2007

Job Number: 6006



General Contractor


Structural Engineer


Architectural Precast (APC), Complete Precast

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