Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Where Form Meets Function

GFRC panels are an excellent choice for high-rise buildings in areas of greater seismic activity and for creating decorative and intricate shapes and applications. 

Radisson Blu design looks very southern california

GFRC panels are comprised of a 1" thick composite glass fiber concrete skin that is mechanically attached by flexible steel pins to a sturdy steel frame.

Key Features

Easy and quick install
Fire resistant
Energy efficient

Key Benefits

Lightweight and durable
Unlimited diversity in color and form
Ideal for sculptural shapes
Good for high seismic zones

get the most out of the envelope system

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Infinite Facade is a standardized panel system that allows design team to focus on aesthetics. It redefines how owners and design teams approach the facade system.
Finishes Guide

Standard Finishes Guide

We offer a wide range of standard colors, forms and textures or a combination for our integrated envelope systems. The Standard Finishes Guide showcases our standard finishes and cost ranges.