Our Approach

California State University, East Bay Warren Hall Building

Clark Pacific is the single-source of responsibility through collaborative design, advanced manufacturing, and efficient delivery of high quality and cost-effective prefabricated building systems.

Our offsite manufacturing approach reduces overall project risk through improved cost and schedule certainty as well as greater supply chain controls, without compromising a project’s overall design. With over five decades of proven experience and industry-leading products, we breathe new life into construction with a smarter, more efficient path from design to project completion.

Clark Pacific’s Prefabricated Systems Approach​

Our offsite manufacturing approach reduces overall project risk through improved cost and schedule certainty, and greater supply chain controls, without compromising a project’s overall design.
PARC Prefabrication Approach

Why Offsite Construction?

Traditional Construction Today is Risky

Traditional construction verses Clark Pacific construction methods
  • Labor Shortages: Industry relies heavily on skilled labor availability
  • Schedule Delays: 61% of typical projects are delivered late
  • Lower Quality: Quality can suffer when costs spike and schedule slips
  • Material Availability: Demand and market volatility drive price fluctuations
  • Cost Overruns: 49% of typical projects are over budget
  • Risk to Revenue: Delays and cost overruns threaten financial models

Leverage Offsite Construction for Better Project Outcomes​

  • Less Site Labor: Reduced site labor and related impacts
  • Faster Schedules: Schedule compression and greater schedule certainty
  • Better Quality: Manufacturing drives reliable and more consistent quality
  • Material Control: Manufacturing reduces supply chain risks
  • Lower Costs: Manufacturing model drives cost certainty
  • Time to Revenue: Increased level of control and certainty
Graphic illustration representing prefabrication construction

Design Where It Matters

Our collaborative design process links standardization with customization, providing efficiency of manufacturing standard products, without sacrificing design. We bring great ideas to life, while providing owners with reduced risk and cost, schedule and scope certainty.
Mo Austin Basketball Center

Plant to Jobsite

Offsite Construction extends the project site, while site work is being completed the building is being manufactured with more precision and quality in the plant.

Get Started on Developing Your Prefabrication Strategy

We’ve developed an easy to follow eBook that will help you create your prefabrication strategy. The exercises walk you through setting targets, building the team and next steps as you approach future projects.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid missteps
  • Align procurement policies for prefabrication
  • Evaluate previous projects and determine where prefabrication would have been beneficial
  • Look at future projects and identify opportunities for prefabrication
  • Understand how prefabrication can help your bottom line
Create Your Prefabrication Strategy in Four Steps
Rendering created with BIM for CSULA new student dorm building

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology | Design Through Construction​

As a manufacturer our approach to Building Information Modeling (BIM) is personal, we depend on the latest technology, to design for manufacturing (DfMA) and strive for the most efficient design for constructability. Because we are self-performers of work beyond customary build-in-place, our details and constructability feedback are administered with more precision and quality.

BIM rendering of a prefabricated panel for escondido village at stanford

Model to Fabrication

Clark Pacific coordinates all the information into the models which are leveraged to fully support fabrication directly from the model, with no intermediate steps in our integrated process.

Below is a brief list of the processes from model to fabrication that we leverage:

  • Rebar fabrication​
  • Miscellaneous Metal fabrication​
  • Bill of Materials
    Drawings (with no “dress-up” in CAD)
  • Diagrammatics (Work Instructions)​
  • 4D site logistics​
  • Physical site coordination
  • Safety information
Clark Pacific Logo Art
BIM rendering of a parking structure model in the design phase process

Virtual Mock-Ups

We construct virtual mock-ups before building them physically. This approach enables us to identify and expose how to resolve issues that can lead to physical and sequencing clashes. Using virtual reality tools also enables better visualization of the project which leads to stakeholders having greater overall confidence in the final solution.

Let’s talk about your next project.

Starting the process of moving to a prefabricated solution is best done early in the process.