Local Plant Laying Strong Foundation For 49ers’ New Levi Stadium

Clark Pacific 49ers Levis Stadium Concrete
Clark Pacific producing steps for Levis Stadium

WOODLAND (CBS13) – A Yolo County company that is building the walls, steps and risers for the new 49ers football stadium in Santa Clara gave a tour of its progress on Tuesday.

About 2,000 risers are being made at Clark Pacific’s Woodland concrete plant. If you stacked them all up, there would be enough stairs to fill a 580-story building.

Forty million pounds of Yolo County concrete will be helping to build the 49ers stadium, scoring a lot of points for the local economy.

“There’s only a few manufacturers that can do this size quality, quantity and speed of job,” said Bob Clark, president of operations.

Clark Pacific won the bid contract earlier this year. They’re building the risers and steps for the stadium’s seating as well as some of the walls.

The company says it has hired 85 workers, most from the West Sacramento area.

“There’s a huge gap in unemployment here, and we’re fortunate to be putting jobs back,” Clark said. “All the workers are being trained here and we are happy to be putting a boon back in the local economy and Woodland area.”

The new stadium costs $1.2 billion to build and will seat around 69,000 fans.

“It’s a big number for a small community,” Woodland Mayor Skip Davies said of the jobs added. “Jobs start in the $15 to $20 an hour range, so if you can tie steel, you’re up.”

And while Clark Pacific has helped build many other big area projects, the notoriety of being involved in this project is hard to beat.

“A lot of 49 fans are working on the stadium, so it’s a special job,” said project executive Jack Hill said. “They appreciate it and we do as well.”

There are plenty of employees already hard at work, but the plant says it still needs 20 more positions filled.

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