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Our Commitment

High quality service, unparalleled technical expertise, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail.

These are the qualities that have earned Clark Pacific a valued reputation among owners, developers, architects, engineers and general contractors. Clark Pacific’s team of engineers and prefabrication craft experts are the most highly accomplished in the industry, and possess the technical knowledge and experience to provide true value to our partners at every stage of project development and delivery – from design to construction. Clark Pacific takes pride in building on time and on budget without compromising service or quality.

One Company. One Life. Zero Injury.

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is first among Clark Pacific’s Values. Safety is part of our culture and our company DNA and it informs how we run our business. We believe attention to safety begins from the earliest design stages through production to project delivery and final turnover. Our successful performance in this area has been made possible through the leadership and teamwork of all employees. This success depends on an unyielding commitment to EHS at all levels of the organization.

Clark Pacific believes all incidents are preventable and reaching Zero Injury is achievable.

Accordingly, Clark Pacific:

  • Is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees.
  • Establishes roles and responsibilities for all levels of the organization.
  • Conducts our business so it meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations and minimizes risk to our employees, the public and the environment.
  • Expects each employee to be responsible for their safety and to be held accountable for the safety of the people and equipment around them.
  • Is committed to continuously improving our EHS system and performance.
  • Has established processes for hazard recognition, evaluation and control that involve employee participation.
  • Continually promotes and communicates employee safety on and off the job.
  • Encourages employee reporting of all EHS related hazards, potential hazards, incidents and near-misses.
  • Provides training to enable duties to be carried out in a safe, efficient, and environmentally conscientious manner.


Our Commitment To Green Building

Clark Pacific has established itself as a leader in developing Sustainable Building Systems in California. Our team (including LEED Accredited Professionals on staff) has an understanding of green building concepts and our solution’s contribution to sustainable design.

This is reflected in our product development as well as our contributions to integrated project teams.

Clark Pacific collaborates with design teams in the earliest stages of a project to determine how our approach and solutions can assist the team in developing and meeting its sustainable design goals.

Clark Pacific is a founding member of the PCI Sustainability Committee and will be an early participant in the PCI Sustainable Plants Initiative which takes a close look at the environmental impact of our processes, materials and operations.

Additionally, Clark Pacific is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Regenerative Network.   USGBC founder, David Gottfried had this to say about Clark Pacific:

“Clark Pacific is pioneering new levels of sustainable performance in their cost effective precast building systems, including thermal mass, high R-value insulated panels, local materials, high recycled content and lower waste.” – David Gottfried, Regenerative Network.

Together, we will build a better world.


Corporate Citizenship

At Clark Pacific, we believe in good corporate citizenship. Through the expertise of our employees, in-kind and surplus donations, or cash contributions, Clark Pacific believes in supporting its community.  Clark Pacific also believes that our role as a community investor goes beyond simply writing a check.  Our strategy is to apply our core competencies to contribute toward sustainable, measurable growth and self-sufficiency for the organizations we partner with – growth that will continue long after the money we donate has been spent.

It takes a community to support programs and organizations, and no one person or company has the resources to do it alone. For this reason, we partner with civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, schools, and other public and private entities to work on projects that are strategically focused and that can have a measurable impact. Clark Pacific is very proud of the contributions it has made in our communities and we will continue to foster and provide outlets for community service within our organization.

Finishes Guide

Standard Finishes Guide

We offer a wide range of standard colors, forms and textures or a combination for our integrated envelope systems. The Standard Finishes Guide showcases our standard finishes and cost ranges.