Nickelodeon Parking Structure

Burbank, CA

For general contractors working on Design-Bid-Build projects, proposing alternative solutions can be a risky endeavor once plans are already in place. However, the Nickelodeon Parking Structure project took an exciting turn when McCormick Construction and Clark Pacific collaborated to present a groundbreaking all-in-one precast design to the owners, Accord Interests, LLC.

Upon reviewing the proposed design and construction site, McCormick Construction realized there was a superior solution available to Accord Interests. The innovative precast design, consisting of 452 stalls, 5 elevated levels and spanning 2 bays wide, instantly caught the attention of the owners, who recognized the benefits over the initial cast-in-place design with architectural precast cladding.

By embracing the precast alternative, Accord Interests made a strategic move to lower overall project risks, enhance the project schedule, and minimize jobsite impacts when compared to conventional construction methods. The precast solution, demonstrated its versatility and adaptability to meet the project’s requirements and was completed two months ahead of schedule.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: Burbank

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 114,000

Year Completed: 2016



Accord Interests, LLC

General Contractor

McCormick Construction

Architect of Record


Design Architect

Studios Architecture



Through collaborative design, advanced manufacturing and efficient construction, we transform the way buildings are delivered. Our people are paving the way for prefabrication as a smarter, safer and more efficient way to bring great designs to life, while reducing risk and providing owners with cost, schedule and scope certainty.

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