WEBINAR | How to Influence the Cost of a Parking Structure

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Parking Webinar


Mickey Ankhelyi, Director of Architecture

Steve Voss, Project Executive, Operations

This webinar features industry experts Mickey Ankhelyi, Director of Architecture, and Steve Voss, Project Executive, Operations, both from Clark Pacific as they discuss what influences the cost of a parking structure.

  • Dive deep into the factors that truly impact parking structure costs, from soil conditions to layout efficiency.
  • Learn how to tailor your structures to meet the unique needs of various end users, whether it’s hospitals, educational campuses, or corporate offices.
  • Discover essential design and construction considerations, including fire suppression systems, sustainable features like photovoltaic panels, and cost-effective finishes.
  • Navigate through complex infrastructure and regulatory factors, such as EV charging stations and jurisdictional requirements, with expert guidance.
  • Gain insights into maintenance strategies that ensure your parking structures remain cost-effective and efficient throughout their lifecycle.

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