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Why Precast for Data Centers?

In today’s digital world, data centers – and their construction – are critical. They allow businesses to securely store, centralize, and access data, while supplying the processing power needed to run complex applications and services. Getting data centers up and running quickly is key to a competitive edge, leading many owners and general contractors to prefabrication.

Prefabrication offers numerous benefits that uniquely meet the needs for resilient, durable and cost-effective data center construction in less time than traditional construction methods.

Flexibility: Precast concrete provides unparalleled flexibility in design, allowing for a wide range of forms and textures for the exterior and the structural system supports long open spans, which are vital for the expansive spaces required for efficient data center operations.

Accelerated Schedules: Prefabricated building solutions offer the shortest construction schedules available, shrinking project timelines by 2 to 4 months, which translates to quicker operational readiness.

Risk Reduction: Precast construction streamlines coordination and reduces the number of trades on-site, enhancing project profitability while minimizing complexity and risk.

Durable and Resilient: The durability of precast concrete provides outstanding protection against various hazards, including storms, earthquakes, and blasts. Its passive fire resistance makes it an ideal choice for safeguarding the protection and security of valuable data.

Environmental Benefits: Compared to on-site construction, erecting a precast data center is remarkably efficient, minimizing noise and dust pollution. Precast construction reduces on-site disturbances and generates less waste than traditional construction, which are crucial to green building practices. Prefabricated concrete can also be recycled, deconstructed, or adapted for reuse to reduce environmental impacts.

Sustainability: Precast construction offers a pathway to integrate sustainable building practices, effectively reducing Scope 3 emissions in your data center build. Through streamlined design methodologies aimed at minimizing material usage, precast solutions contribute to environmental conservation. By embracing eco-friendly concrete mixes and utilizing controlled casting environments within plants, the construction process can be optimized to mitigate the environmental footprint of your data center.

Data centers are substantial investments that as an owner or developer, you expect to be failsafe. Precast concrete provides predictability and speed to get data centers up and running quickly for the digital world’s most precious commodity – data – while lessening environmental impact and boosting ROI.

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