Net Zero – Structural Details


The integrated building is a set of standard systems designed for typical office buildings. The prefabricated structural system is designed to work with the floor and facade systems to provide a cost competitive, sustainable and durable building with minimal site disruption. 

System at a Glance

In a common office configuration, the lateral system is located at the core of the building. The benefit of this configuration is the perimeter of the building is open; maximizing natural light and occupant wellbeing.

The thermally active deck system has been designed to accommodate long clear spans and open, column-free spaces needed for flexible interior build-out.

Technical drawing of NetZero building platform plank

How Did We Achieve 40% Less Whole Life Carbon?

The NetZERO Building Platform, conservatively, has at least 40% less whole life carbon emissions than a business-as-usual all-electric building.

The Details Matter

Rendering of a floor system of netzero

Our system uses radiused corners and clean lines for a beautiful, natural look. This further aids in reducing costs and carbon in a building, by only needing the minimum ceiling tiles required for acoustical performance.

Embodied carbon has more to do with how you use a material than what material you use. The NetZERO Building Platform’s components are optimized for shape and with reduced concrete, without sacrificing performance. Our proprietary mix designs significantly reduce the amount of cement in our concrete, yielding impressive results:

Illustration of 28% carbon savings chart

Source: Zallen, Noah. Integral Group “The Radiant Whole Life Carbon Study”

Fabricated Off-Site for an Integrated, Simple Solution

Only in prefabricated systems can multiple systems be integrated into a high-performance, streamlined solution that is cost-effective, simple to maintain, and a well-coordinated use of space.

Typical Construction
(Outcome of a custom project)
Pipe Projection = 27” Below Soffit

Photo of Typical Flooring System Pipe Projection

Thermally Active Plank
(Outcome of a coordinated product)
Pipe Projection = 7” Below Soffit

NetZERO Rendering of Thermally Active Plank Flooring

Take a deeper dive.

Learn more about the NetZERO Building Platform mechanical system.

Rendering of inside and outside zones of the netzero plank

Coordinated and Compact

The floor system is tightly coordinated with the mechanical system.  Story heights can typically be reduced by 18″ to 24″ from a conventional steel structure.  This is possible because not only is the floor system thinner than a comparable steel system, but the ductwork can be notched into the ribs at the core while branch ducts are run between the ribs tight to the soffit. Because the heating and cooling is handled by in-slab radiant, the ductwork is moving 1/4 the air of a traditional air system.

Lower floor to floor heights result in a smaller envelope, better energy efficiency and the potential to fit additional floors under height restrictions.

Rendering illustrating reduced floor height for netzero

Flexible for the Future

Our high performance building is designed for lower cost tenant improvements and programming changes within the building. Future modifications only requires the HVAC system to be adjusted because the radiant base system never changes.

Rendering of interior structure of NetZERO building platform

Cost Effective - Construction through Operations

  • Accelerated schedule with offsite construction
  • Less heating and cooling equipment required
  • Less maintenance, less moving parts
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • Lower tenant improvement costs

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