Coleman Highline Parking Structure 1

San Jose, CA

Coleman Highline Parking Structure 1, sitting at 3-stories along with the 5-story Coleman Highline Parking Structure 2 are two of four parking structures for the Coleman Highline Development in the city of San Jose. With dual-purpose roles, the structures support two important uses: a multi-tenant office building and the parking requirements for the San Jose Earthquakes. This dual role led to adding a speed ramp that allows for better performance of the structures in terms of entering and exiting. As for the aesthetics, this project combines precast elements with architectural elements such as the Corten steel accents from the office building to complete the aesthetic language. This allows the parking structures to fit in naturally with their surroundings while providing the much-needed parking of the area.

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Clark Pacific

Facts and Figures

State: California

City: San Jose

Building Type: Parking

Square Feet: 131,205

Year Completed: 2020

Job Number: 7030




General Contractor

Clark Pacific


Clark Pacific

Structural Engineer


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