Hoover Pavilion Parking Structure

Palo Alto, CA

As part of its Renewal project, Stanford University Medical Center turned to the design-build team headed by Vance Brown to renovate its Hoover Pavilion Campus medical office building and build the adjoining new Hoover Pavilion Parking Garage.

Vance Brown teamed with Clark Pacific to help the campus quickly deliver a beautiful, high-performance “archi-structural” parking structure- featuring structural precast concrete elements with high-quality architectural precast finishes.

The Hoover garage offers over 1,000 parking stalls, including 300 patient/visitor spaces. The 8-level structure, with two below grade structures employs a Precast Hybrid Moment Frame system for seismic resistance. This proven system is the only structural system available that is designed to self-right structures after seismic events. The system, incorporating architectural finishes, is ideal for essential service structures such as hospitals that require immediate re-occupancy after seismic events due to the critical services they provide. It is also an inexpensive way for owners to protect their significant building investment.

The speed, quality, greater safety and high-performance of precast building systems make them a very valuable option for owners, developers, and design teams everywhere.

Construction Time Lapse

Through collaborative design, advanced manufacturing and efficient construction, we transform the way buildings are delivered. Our people are paving the way for prefabrication as a smarter, safer and more efficient way to bring great designs to life, while reducing risk and providing owners with cost, schedule and scope certainty.

Clark Pacific

Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: Palo Alto

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 402221

Year Completed: 2012

Job Number: 6039






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