Mills Peninsula Hospital Parking

SF-Bay Area

“What’s the use of building a first-class hospital designed to withstand seismic zone 4 events if our parking structure gets red-tagged and our patients and staff have nowhere to park?” - Oren Reinbolt, Mills Peninsula Hospital

Like many California hospitals, Mills-Peninsula Hospital is replacing older facilities with new ones that meet current seismic design requirements.  With a new seismically fit hospital, the owner and design team also wanted the hospital’s parking structure to meet the same performance requirements and be immediately serviceable after a seismic event. After a comprehensive review of competing structural systems, the owner’s team chose Clark Pacific’s precast hybrid moment frame system as the best performing, most cost-effective system available to meet their requirements.

The precast hybrid moment frame has been extensively tested and represents the latest advance in seismic design:  frame elements are designed to “self right” after a seismic event.

Essential Services structures such as hospitals, government offices, police and fire stations are excellent applications for the system due to their high performance requirements and the life-saving services they provide.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: Burlingame

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 68279

Year Completed: 2007

Job Number: 6010



Mills Peninsula Health Services


IPD (Anshen + Allen, Executive AR)

General Contractor

Structural Engineer



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