Rendering of a parking structure

Our integrated approach provides

  • Constructability for prefabrication
  • Minimal changes during construction​
  • Early identification ​of opportunities for schedule compression
  • Best opportunities for prefabrication

Purpose driven design to meet owner and project values

Integrated Design Delivery Services

  • Design Phase Management
  • Co-Location Establishment
  • Target Value Design and Analysis
  • Collaborative Design Review
  • Early Subcontractor Selection
  • Design-Assist/Design-Build Coordination
  • Collaborative Scheduling/Pull Planning
Clark PARC Example

Purpose driven to meet owner and project values

  • Easily incorporate prefabricated building strategies from project conception.​
  • Increase design efficiency while leveraging standards and best practices.​
  • Quickly design efficient layouts that meet project goals with a collaborative interface leveraging the best of technology and people.​
  • Deliver a more comprehensive design during the conception phase to ensure goals are on target.

PARC Configurator

With PARC Configurator, we can rapidly test and compare different designs, structural schemes and concepts, get instant feedback and adjust parameters such as floor height, building length/width and parking geometrics to determine the most efficient design in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

PARC configurator is a rapid design tool that meets owner driven requirements and objectives with conceptual parking structure designs, based on Clark Pacific’s proven standards and prefabrication strategies.

PARC delivers a combined system of structural components, both gravity and lateral load resisting assemblies. Our solution incorporates a variety of colors, finishes and textures that are integrated into the prefabricated components for greater efficiency, durability, and lowered maintenance costs.


Your Full Service Partner for the Complete Parking Structure


Our Single Source Solution for the Complete Parking Structure​