Coleman Highline Parking Structure 4

San Jose, CA

At 2,165 stalls and 1574 total panels, the Coleman Parking Structure 4 is one of the largest structures we have erected. However, despite the size of this project, the field team crushed it and finished 4 weeks ahead of schedule. This project benefited from the use of Versatile Natures crane cameras which helped mitigate time and issues as well as helped in planning and day to day operations.

Coleman Highline Parking Structure 4 features an original ADL mix that was used on the first structure. This mix is very production-friendly and has a consistent finish which helps the project look uniform at all levels. A local artist designed mural panels that surround the southwest corner which is enhanced with a feature stair element. The precast elements borrow from the architectural elements of the office building to complete the aesthetic language. This structure will be used for Yahoo! as well as overflow parking for the Earthquakes. It is completely covered with a large photovoltaic array that provides energy for both parking structure and office building.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: San Jose

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 650,271

Year Completed: 2021

Job Number: 7037


General Contractor

Clark Pacific


Clark Pacific

Structural Engineer



Architect of Record, General Contractor, PARC, Parking

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