Alta Parking Structure

Mountain View, California

The Google Alta project was initiated with the aim of future-proofing capital investments, by adopting a long-term outlook of 50 years instead of a short-sighted 5 year goal. As a result, the project team was able to design and construct a parking structure that fulfills present requirements while allowing for the flexibility to repurpose the building in the future. The structure was intentionally designed to facilitate adaptive reuse, enabling it to transform from a garage into an office building with minimal selective demolition, while preserving the overall structure and some of the existing systems.

Presently, the building spans 520,000 square feet across 4 levels, and comprises of 1209 static stalls and 460 mechanical stackers. Its tall ceiling heights and painted interior create a spacious and bright environment for users, and its dynamic exterior boasts a kinetic façade that replicates murals of the surrounding environment. Additionally, a pedestrian green way connects the site to other areas on the campus, and the building includes extensive landscaping and user amenities, such as a 1-megawatt solar structure and 10,000 square feet of retail space on the first level.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: Mountain VIew

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 520,000

Year Completed: 2023


General Contractor





General Contractor, Parking

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