Mission Rock A, F and G

San Francisco

This extensive project is aimed at developing one of the most prominent undeveloped sites in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Ten years in the making, the joint venture between the San Francisco Giants, Tishman Speyer, and the Port of the San Francisco have collaborated with the community to create the vision for Mission Rock. Tenants, residents, and visitors will be welcomed in 2023. Clark Pacific manufactured all the cladding and installed the windows in the factory for buildings A,F, and G   – each building is unique, exciting, and memorable due to their inspiration from California’s natural topography and San Francisco’s urban landscape.

Mission Rock A:

Building A, aka “The Canyon”, will yield 376,000 square feet total, and will be a 23-story mixed use building featuring affordable housing, shops, and office space. The facade system is one of the most notable aspects of this building due to its uniqueness and intricacy. The variety of materials will include glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)  prefabricated panels, concrete tiles, aluminum, steel, floor to ceiling windows, and wood seating. The GFRC panels manufactured by Clark Pacific are texturized with an uneven surface to mimic that of a rocky exterior.

Mission Rock G:

Building G, soon to be the new Visa headquarters, is one of two office buildings and a 13-story structure that yields 299,600 square feet. The project is aiming to receive LEED Gold Certification, as well as will have the capacity for 1,500 Visa employees. It includes ground-floor retail, multi-level roof terraces, a main roof deck, and an incredibly creative take on the traditional facade. Building inspired by the geologic rock formations of California’s Devil’s Postpile National Monument near Yosemite. The precast panels them selves had fluted profiles, very large window to wall ration (70/30), the roof precast was finished on front and back sides to provide a unique event space on the roof and the corner window panels were cast monolithically on “v forms”.

Mission Rock F:

Building F, aka “The Mesa” is a 315,000-square-foot, 254-unit residential tower that will offer 96 apartments and ample amenity and retail space. Building F’s facade is inspired by the cascading waterfalls of Yosemite, with a series of terraces that step back from the street, creating a dynamic form that changes depending on the viewer’s perspective.  Over 200,00 glazed green tiles inlaid in our Infinite Facade and Architectural Precast systems.




Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: San Francisco

Building Type: Office, Multi- Use, Residential

Year Completed: 2023



CCAPP, Facades, GFRC, Infinite Facade, Punched Windows

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