Top 5 Reasons More Owners Are Choosing Prefabricated Parking Structures

In most parts of the U.S., prefabrication is the construction method of choice for parking garage owners who want more resilient, cost-effective parking structures. And in recent years, it’s been growing in popularity on the West Coast. What’s driving the increased interest? Read on to learn the five reasons why more owners are choosing prefabrication for their parking structures. 

1. Accelerated construction schedule 

Time is of the essence with any construction project. And the last thing you need is for your parking structure to fall behind schedule, which can impact the opening of your main facility or delay your ability to start generating parking revenue. Prefabrication can accelerate project schedules by 20-50%, since pieces are created in a factory setting that leverages the efficiencies of manufacturing. Components are then delivered to the site exactly when needed, allowing for quick, reliable assembly and more efficient use of labor. 

2. Budget certainty 

One of the primary benefits of prefabrication is budget certainty. According to a Dodge Data Analytics & Research SmartMarket Report, 81% of prefabrication users say that it improves cost predictability. With prefabrication, all project stakeholders collaborate up front to address all major considerations for the parking structure – from passive security elements to the details of the facade design. This approach, coupled with the efficiencies of the manufacturing process, prevents surprise costs. 

3. Seismic performance

A truly resilient parking structure meets code requirements for seismic activity, protects your investment, and most importantly, is safer for people. Garages built with the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF), which has been in use since the 1990s, offer superior seismic performance when compared to conventionally framed steel and concrete structures. The PHMF has the unique ability to self-right the structure after an earthquake, allowing for immediate re-occupancy.

4. Reduced impact to the jobsite

Building a new parking garage generates congestion, noise, and waste, creating headaches for commuters and neighbors. And if the garage is being built alongside a larger, main building, it only adds complexity to managing the jobsite. Prefabrication allows you to streamline that activity. With prefabrication, components are manufactured offsite and there’s no need for onsite form work. By compressing the schedule and the number of workers, vehicles, and equipment at the jobsite, prefabrication reduces the project footprint, as well as noise pollution and waste.

5.  Ability to Customize

Parking structures may serve a utilitarian purpose, but they don’t have to look like it. Prefabricated parking structures can incorporate a wide range of integrated finishes that enhance your facility’s curb appeal and align it with its surroundings. It’s even possible to modify the exterior design after the structure has been erected.

Reap the benefits of prefabrication

More West Coast developers are choosing prefabricated parking structures, and many of them are turning to Clark Pacific. As a leader in prefabricated construction, we have perfected the process of creating resilient, eye-catching structures that come in on schedule and on budget. 

Our standard pre-engineered systems maximize manufacturing efficiency and quality control. And our experts in parking structure design and delivery work with you to incorporate your project-specific customizations. We minimize risk and deliver parking structures that align with your goals for durability, quality, and visual appeal. 

To explore the possibilities of using a prefabricated solution for your parking project, contact us today. 

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