WEBINAR | NetZERO Building Platform Tour

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Jon Mohle Product Manager, Clark Pacific
Noah Zallen, Integral Group

Clark Pacific’s NetZERO Building Platform not only reimagines how structures are constructed, but what’s possible.   An all-in-one solution, the Platform uses proven technologies in offsite fabrication, thermally massive radiant systems and grid interactive thermal storage combined to transform your building into a carbon asset where structure, mechanical, and façade systems all work together to achieve remarkable building performance and design flexibility, at a lower cost.

Leveraging whole life carbon assessment, the NetZERO Building Platform eliminates 28% embodied carbon, operates with 30% less energy and eliminates 40% of the carbon over its life when compared to industry leading all electric building systems commonly used in net zero construction.

The first webinar in the series is a tour of the system covering:

  • Why this is important
  • What is the NetZERO Building Platform
  • Whole life carbon of the built environment
  • Grid interactive: Concrete as a thermal battery
  • How to successfully deliver an integrated climate solution

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