WEBINAR | Prefabricated Facade Connections

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Doug Bevier

Dive into the details of prefabricated facade system connections, where we discuss manufacturing techniques, load and connection guidelines for APC, Infinite Facade and GFRC. Furthermore, we explore resiliency strategies, preweld vs. stiffening approaches, and considerations for steel structures and Cast-in-Place (CIP) embeds.

Our industry expert, Doug Bevier, Director of Preconstruction, Facades at Clark Pacific, will guide you through this knowledge-packed session. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your expertise in this critical aspect of construction.


What To Expect:


Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Learn best practices for detailing high-quality prefabricated envelope connections
  • Understand the importance of maintaining consistency in manufacturing processes.


Load and Connection Management:

  • Discover effective load distribution techniques to ensure structural integrity.
  • Gain insights into connection layout guidelines for APC, Infinite Facade, and GFRC systems, optimizing their performance.


Resiliency Strategies:

  • Explore strategies to enhance the resilience of facade systems in varying environmental conditions
  • Compare and contrast prewelding, stiffening, and bracing methods for increased structural durability.


Steel Structure Considerations:

  • Understand how to seamlessly integrate prefabricated facade connections into steel-framed structures
  • Learn about compatible connection methods and how to ensure efficient assembly.


Cast-in-Place (CIP) Structure Considerations:

  • Adapt your prefabricated facade connections to suit Cast-in-Place construction projects.
  • Overcome challenges and optimize CIP compatibility for a smoother construction process.

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