Parking Structures

Total precast parking has distinct advantages for the owner/developer, project team and end users. We are able to design and build your next parking structure creating a turnkey building solution that combines both architectural and structural precast concrete to provide exceptional aesthetics and performance.

Total precast parking design includes components that are typically produced in precast concrete, such as columns, beams, inverted tee beams, load bearing spandrels and double tees. Precast can also be used for elements that might otherwise by constructed in cast-in-place concrete, steel or masonry, including bridge elements, stairs, elevator towers, stairs, landings, railings, parapets, and shear walls.

Benefits of Total Precast:


As casting is completed at the plant, the building site can be simultaneously graded and prepared. With precast you will see shortened construction time, accelerated schedules and earlier revenue recognition.


By integrating architecture directly into our structural system, you are offered an unlimited variety of design choices such as colors, textures, and veneers, all supported by a resilient structural design.


While first costs are competitive with competing designs and systems, a total precast parking structure’s shortened construction time and long-term durability result in increased efficiency and even greater owner value.


Our unique precast systems are designed not only for exceptional aesthetics and cost effective construction, but also for seismic resilience, meeting California’s stringent building code requirements and, with the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame, offering an owner access to something not covered by existing codes – an opportunity to not only preserve life and limb, but to limit damage to the structure itself.

As experts in parking and the leading source for precast concrete innovation and performance, Clark Pacific will provide you with an entire package for design-build parking structures.  The company’s unique approach ensures turnkey responsibility and accuracy for meeting design specifications and delivering results.