PCI Design Award: Parking Structures (1000+ cars)

San Jose International Airport Parking Facility
San Jose International Airport Parking Facility

Clark Pacific and Fentress Architects were awarded the 2011 PCI Design Award for Best Parking Structure.  The nation’s first on-site integrated car rental and quick-turn-around (QTA) operations facility, this airport parking structure utilized double-tee precast design to shave more than five months off the construction schedule. Precast components included double tees, L beams, inverted-tee beams, transfer girders, rectangular collector beams, columns and spandrels. Precast concrete spandrels serve as car-impact shields as well as a base skin for metal mesh and artwork murals. Judges felt that precast was key to reducing first costs and construction time, handling seismic loads, providing a flexible design to enable post-applied architectural treatments, and allowing for easier construction on the congested site.

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