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How Precast Concrete Reduces Data Center Construction Costs While Accelerating Schedules, Meeting Green Goals

With data center demand projected to rise 10% each year until 2030, more flexible and resilient build-outs are becoming increasingly important to compete in this fast-evolving industry.

One option to help keep up with demand is precast concrete, which expedites the construction process by fabricating the structure and enclosure off-site. Precast concrete also helps maximize space, keeps data centers running at more manageable temperatures and reduces their carbon footprint, a problem that plagues facilities today.

Manufacturers of prefabricated building manufacturing systems like Clark Pacific are refining precast techniques to allow data centers to be built faster while reducing costs and environmental impacts.

“We’re not only working on streamlining building techniques but transforming our prefabrication materials to reduce carbon emissions,” Clark Pacific Chief Sustainability Officer Allan Bedwell said. “We’re able to erect data center structures 30% to 50% faster than the competition, which shaves off two to four months of build time while saving tens of millions of dollars for a typical 100-megawatt data center.” 

Bedwell said Clark Pacific’s prefab engineering and manufacturing team prioritizes customization before the building process begins. This is helpful if a data center owner expects they will need to transform or expand the building in the future, without implementing expensive scope changes that come with performing retrofits on-site.

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