Precast + Parking

Clark Pacific has been in the business of precast since 1963, delivering robust and resilient architectural and structural solutions for clients on the West Coast. We have manufactured and erected over 35,000,000 square feet (over 100,000 stalls) of precast parking. We know precast. We know parking. We can help.

Structured parking is an important tool for California’s developers as well as public, private, and institutional owners to maximize the value of the land their projects occupy and to help meet the transportation and live/work needs of their tenants, clients, customers, and constituents.

Developers and owners want the best value for their investment, and here’s the point:

Precast parking structures deliver the best value available in the marketplace today.

Precast structures deliver the best value in terms of:

  • Lowest construction costs
  • Quickest time to market
  • Highest quality
  • Enhanced safety
  • Longest life-cycle
  • Least impact to the development site
  • Most efficient design layout
  • Most open feel for the users
  • Benefits of Precast Parking Structures


Precast concrete elements produced by union craftsmen in Clark Pacific’s PCI-Certified manufacturing facilities achieve greater strengths and tighter production tolerances, and produce higher quality finishes than any of their cast-in-place equivalents.


No structure is put into service more quickly than a precast structure. Any precast utilized on a job site will help save time and onsite labor costs. Instead of weeks of forming, casting, curing, form dismantling, and site clean-up, finished pieces are erected quickly and efficiently, achieving schedules measured in days, not weeks. For a typical 1000 car parking structure, total precast structures can save more than 30% of the construction schedule, and post & beam solutions can save more than 15%. This time savings means less overall disruption to the neighborhood, quicker time to service and revenue generation, and potentially shorter construction loan periods. Precast’s time savings translates directly into cost savings for the owner.


Site cleanliness is the hallmark of precast building solutions. All precast concrete materials are factory-manufactured and stored off-site and only brought to the job-site for immediate erection – eliminating the need for large, unsightly staging areas and forming materials that typically litter a construction site.


Clean sites mean fewer safety hazards – both for on-site workers as well as neighbors or others who must continue to work at or near the site throughout the construction period. Precast systems also help eliminate the need for large on-site construction crews and the disruptive impact such a large workforce can have on the site and immediate neighborhood. Precast concrete elements are brought in for just-in-time delivery and put into place by a small, select team of experienced builders.

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