Parking delivered as a product.

PARC is a different approach for owners & developers to more effectively design and build parking structures, with reduced risk, reduced costs and compressed schedules.

Single source responsibility delivers for owners a high-quality parking structure at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest amount of time.

Product-Based Delivery:

  • Complete pre-design based on standards, standard products & best practices
  • Ready to manufacture + build
  • Easily customized to accommodate unique project-specific requirements
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How Does this Benefit the Owner?

Single source of responsibility

Accelerated Design-Build Process

Overall cost reduction of 5%-10%

Reduced Risk

Compressed Schedules

5 year warranty on the structure – best in the industry

Prefabrication met all of our prerequisites whereas cast-in-place would have taken longer, cost more, required a greater footprint on site and been very disruptive to Major League Soccer games

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Let's talk about how we can deliver your next parking structure.

We Improve “Business as Usual” in Parking Delivery

Clark Pacific can do what other parking structure builders cannot. We design, manufacture and build the complete parking structure – Owning the process end to end for improved customer satisfaction, budget and schedule certainty.

Clark Pacific's PARC process verses traditional parking construction models

Download the PARC datasheet to learn more about our 
single-source parking structure solution.

Schedule Compression

Offsite construction can deliver projects between 30 and 50 percent faster than traditional methods. Offsite construction occurs simultaneously with the site and foundation work, and schedule delays due to weather and other external factors are significantly reduced since much of the construction takes place in a controlled environment.

Prefabrication – A Strategic Advantage for Owners and Developers

Industry benchmarks show that 61% of typical construction projects are behind schedule, while 49% are over budget. With these outcomes, owners are looking for a more efficient, productive and cost-effective way to build.

Watch this webinar where we discuss:

  • Why and how to approach a prefabrication strategy
  • How prefabricated parking systems reduce owner risk
  • How to start planning for an offsite construction strategy
  • As an owner, how your project values impact the bottom line
  • How integrated systems drive the overall cost down

PARC | Standard Scope​

Our system is designed and tested to meet or exceed these standards:

All work starting from a prepared pad
All structural framing
Foundations and retaining walls
Elevator and stairs
Fire protection
Electrical: LED lighting

CSU Sacramento Parking Structure 5 Case Study

Sacramento State’s Parking Structure 5, exemplified all the characteristics of a construction delivery best-practice project. The use of off-site manufacturing methods along with the Collaborative (Progressive) Design-Build approach made the project innovative, efficient and minimized overall disruption to the busy campus in Sacramento, California. 

Project highlights:

  • Completed in 11 months
  • On budget
  • Approach removed 5,700 worker-days offsite, reducing site impacts
  • Recognized nationally for its sustainability features
  • Achieved USRC Gold rating for resiliency

PARC Configurator

With PARC Configurator, we can rapidly test and compare different designs, structural schemes and concepts, get instant feedback and adjust parameters such as floor height, building length/width and parking geometrics to determine the most efficient design in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

PARC configurator is a rapid design tool that meets owner driven requirements and objectives with conceptual parking structure designs, based on Clark Pacific’s proven standards and prefabrication strategies.

PARC delivers a combined system of structural components, both gravity and lateral load resisting assemblies. Our solution incorporates a variety of colors, finishes and textures that are integrated into the prefabricated components for greater efficiency, durability, and lowered maintenance costs.