Pacific Beacon Parking Structure

San Diego

The owner and construction manager wanted to separate the parking structure from the rest of the construction progressing at the site that involved more elaborate design and effort and entrust it as a turnkey project to a third party.  Clark Pacific’s Design-Manufacture-Construct process proved to be the best answer for the team.

Clark Pacific was asked to provide a turnkey parking structure design based literally on a hand scrawled sketch faxed to our preconstruction services team.  Clark Pacific took the sketch and general campus design parameters and simultaneously designed the project and budgeted with a target GMP.

The original ROM budget to Clark Construction was $13,500 to $15,000 per stall based on a six-level 1,000 stall parking structure situated on a 225’ x 250’ footprint.  The final GMP price under which the project was delivered was $12,800/stall. The project came in within budget and on time.  The budget was maintained even though the project start was delayed several months to accommodate the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters construction proceeding immediately adjacent to the site.


Facts and Figures

State: CA

City: San Diego

Building Type: Parking Structure

Square Feet: 37,500

Year Completed: 2009

Job Number: 6019



US Navy

General Contractor

Clark Pacific




General Contractor, Parking

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