Coleman Highline Parking Structure 2

Get the Parking Structure You Want

Clark Pacific can do what other parking structure builders cannot. We design, manufacture and build the complete parking structure.

Owning the process end to end for improved customer satisfaction, budget and schedule certainty.

Clark Pacific’s Approach

Our offsite manufacturing approach reduces overall project risk through improved cost and schedule certainty, and greater supply chain controls, without compromising a project’s overall design.

Clark Pacific Approach to Prefabrication

How We Are Different

Greater Controlled Costs Brings Greater Control

Through the design, manufacturing, self-perform and direct control of Design Build trades, we control more than 90% of all the associated costs in delivering the parking structure. This is how we can guarantee an early competitive price and delivery schedule.

Our Approach Delivers:

  • Accelerated construction schedules
  • Reduced site impacts
  • Safer job sites
  • Less construction waste
  • Budget & schedule certainty
  • Higher quality product
CSU Sacramento Parking Structure 5
Single Source Design Build Approach Infographic

Accelerated Project Delivery

Offsite construction can deliver projects between 30 and 50 percent faster than traditional methods. Offsite construction occurs simultaneously with the site and foundation work, and schedule delays due to weather and other external factors are significantly reduced since much of the construction takes place in a controlled environment.

We leverage prefabrication to take the physical burden off of projects and accelerate their schedules, so when we looked for a prefabrication partner, we considered their reputation for quality and ability to manufacture a job and deliver it. We found a trusted partner in Clark Pacific.

Deke Hunter, Hunter Properties
Coleman Highline Parking Structures 1-4

Coleman Highline Parking Structure 2 - San Jose, CA

Working with our partners from the project’s conception promises a seamless transition from the design phase to the project site, it results in fewer budget and schedule impacts, and yields certainty that the finished product we deliver matches the client’s vision.


Go with the prefabrication design experts for your next parking structure.

Reduced Site Impacts and Improved Quality

With offsite construction, work is performed by fewer workers and in climate-controlled factory settings. Offsite construction allows skilled craftsmen a safer and more productive place to do their job; quality can be monitored and guaranteed throughout the production process.

  • Minimum laydown area required, ideal for tight construction sites
  • Eliminate most formwork on site
  • Reduce construction waste
  • Reduce construction traffic
Graphic illustration Conventional Jobsite compared to Clark Pacific Jobsite

Finding the right partner is probably the most important part of prefabrication. Our partner, Clark Pacific, helped us strategize and find ways to accomplish our priorities. They worked side-by-side with our team throughout the design phase and for the nine months of construction.

Tania Nunez, Campus Architect, CSUS
Prefabricated parking structure case study cover image

Case Study | CSU Sacramento Parking Structure 5

Sacramento State’s Parking Structure 5, exemplified all the characteristics of a construction delivery best-practice project. The use of off-site manufacturing methods along with the Collaborative (Progressive) Design-Build approach made the project innovative, efficient and minimized overall disruption to the busy campus in Sacramento, California. 

Project highlights:

  • Completed in 11 months
  • On budget
  • Approach removed 5,700 worker-days offsite, reducing site impacts
  • Recognized nationally for its sustainability features
  • Achieved USRC Gold rating for resiliency

Approach to Facilitate Lean Construction Techniques

Look to our team to lead the creation of an integrated and collaborative delivery environment for your project. Stakeholder engagement will be a priority from the onset, starting with design development and continue through construction and final acceptance. We utilize LEAN best practices and our in-house Certified Lean Instructor practitioners, to on-board and facilitate establishing specific guiding principles based upon your needs and the needs of your internal stakeholders. The following are key differentiators to our integrated approach that assures benefits are realized implementing Lean Construction techniques and best practices. Our key specific high-value approaches include:

  • Establishing an integrated collaborative environment that promotes your project first.
  • Functional teams to proactively respond and overcome constraints and potential challenges.
  • Right-sized co-location approach assuring stakeholder effectiveness.