WEBINAR | Is Prefabrication The Silver Bullet To Achieving Design Intent?

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As architects, designing a facade that meets today’s building standards can be a daunting task. Not only must the facade provide a weather barrier, be visually appealing, sustainable, energy efficient, and durable, but it must also meet budget constraints. Tight design and construction schedules, strict energy codes, and a shortage of skilled trade workers in the field add to the pressure. Building envelopes have become one of the most high-risk elements in construction projects. The question is, can prefabrication help architects achieve design intent while facing these challenges?

Explore if prefabricated building envelopes may be the silver bullet that can help you design and deliver the ultimate facade that meets all requirements and reduces the risk of errors. Join our webinar to gain insight into the manufacturing and prefabrication process, and discover how to incorporate these strategies into your future designs.

  • Learn how to identify prefabrication opportunities and understand the benefits it brings to all project stakeholders.
  • Discover the steps for designing prefabricated building envelopes and learn about material options not available with field-built facades.

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