Case Study

CASE STUDY | San Jose Airport ConRAC

As part of a comprehensive airport improvement program and a strong desire to make Silicon Valley’s airport more attractive and convenient for business travelers, the Airport chose to relocate its public parking and rental car center (ConRAC) directly in front of the new Terminal B. The first phase of this two-phase project consists of a structure that houses 3,000 rental cars on six levels, with 350 public parking spaces, a 25,000-square-foot Customer Service Building (CSB) and boasts several innovative features that optimize the facility for travelers, the airport and rental car agencies.

“The rental car companies love this facility. I think when other airports look at this design, they’re going to ask, ‘If San Jose can do that, why can’t we?’”

You'll Learn:

  • 8-level parking structure with consolidated rental car facility
  • 1.8 million square feet
  • Resilient design
  • Under budget
  • Schedule savings of 5 months