EPIC Sunset Tower

Los Angeles, CA

With its unique staggered look, resembling a staircase of sorts, EPIC Sunset (5901 Sunset) is truly epic. This building is located in Los Angeles and utilizes our Architectural Precast Concrete to create a beautiful exterior. The precast panels reduce in thickness to a minimum point at the center of the panel. This creates a panel cross-section shape that resembles a “bowtie.” In addition, the back of terrace spandrels was “seeded” with aggregate to replicate the formed finish of the face and edges of the panel. Fun fact: Netflix leased the building before it was even completed and added some redesign to suit their needs.


Certified LEED Gold


Facts and Figures

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Building Type: Office Building

Square Feet: 651,000

Year Completed: 2020

Job Number: 578



General Contractor

Structural Engineer


Hudson Pacific Properties



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