The PARC Process

Imagine being able to trust a single provider to design and build your next parking structure. And imagine that the provider has refined the entire process to guarantee cost and schedule certainty. That’s what you get with PARC, Clark Pacific’s single source prefabricated parking solution. PARC combines the efficiencies of prefabrication and simplicity of a consolidated project team to deliver a high-quality, turnkey parking structure.

Here’s what to expect when you choose PARC.

What to expect from the PARC process

Once you decide to go forward with PARC, we begin our standardized process, which is broken into two parts:

Part A: Design and Pre-Construction

During this phase, we work collaboratively with you to establish your goals for the project and incorporate them into the overall design. Everything we do in this phase is geared towards offering our clients certainty of the project budget and schedule. We also provide mockups of each component to ensure that they meet standards for quality and appearance before manufacturing begins.

Part B: Prefabrication and Construction

With the goals, design, budget, and schedule set, we begin the fabrication process at our production plants, where we’re able to optimize offsite labor. Fewer skilled workers are needed on the project site, reducing overall site impacts.

We use standardized forms to create a large volume of components each day. On average, we pour roughly 100 yards of concrete daily. After manufacturing, the components are stored in our facility until they’re ready to be erected on the job site, which we perform as well.

The PARC Team

From day one, we provide you with a project manager to serve as your single point of contact until the project is complete. Many design-build firms don’t offer a project manager. But we believe it’s critical to streamline your involvement in the project and for us to take accountability for the schedule, budget, and design quality. Our in-house experts in pre-construction, design, manufacturing, and engineering will work hand-in-hand with other subcontractors to coordinate their various services. We self-perform roughly 35% of the total contract value, ensuring our high standards for quality are met.

Our standardized product, combined with our proven processes and expert people, offers you time savings and cost efficiencies you won’t find anywhere else. That frees you up to focus on your next project. And while many providers only offer a one-year warranty on their parking structures we offer a five-year standard warranty on all PARC projects.

Want to learn more?

Our team of prefabricated parking experts is ready to answer any questions you have. To help you make an informed decision, ask about using the PARC Configurator to visualize your idea for your parking structure. Contact us today to get started.

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