Living Module

Living Module

The Living Module advances the level of prefabrication on the project by adding more value to the structural system. It integrates with multiple systems, which allows for design flexibility, while achieving the benefits of off-site construction.

Clark Pacific’s customized building systems ensure design-build certainty for mid to high-rise residential buildings. The living module is a fully fabricated residence including a kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

For institutions expanding their housing assets, with Type 1 construction, our finished Living Module:

  • increases the work done off-site
  • reduces site disruption and
  • provides a higher quality building.

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Commonly asked questions are answered here in the Prefabricated Living Module FAQs

Pod Plank Offsite Scope documentation

Prefabricated Living Module

The modules are manufactured in our plant removing most of the construction offsite; reducing site disruption and providing an overall higher quality building.

All mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems are installed and tested in a controlled manufacturing environment making on site work efficient and predictable. The MEPF systems connect on the corridor side making it easier to install in the field and provides accessibility for maintenance in the future.

Prefabricated Living Module MEP Plug and Play

Unlike conventional construction, we deliver design-build certainty, for mid to high-rise residential buildings.

Kitchen and bath units can be customized to the owner’s specifications.



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