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Designed for use in low and mid-rise office buildings, our office solutions provide superior seismic performance, fire resistance and sound attenuation. Prefabrication allows for efficient, economical construction and provides offices with long clear spans and open spaces for flexible interior build-out.

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The NetZERO Building Platform is a high-performing building, reimagined from the ground up, that combines design flexibility with offsite construction while prioritizing energy efficiency, sustainability, and health and wellness for its occupants.

The latest in seismic-resistance technology and one of the best performing lateral resistance systems available.

occupant Comfort

From office buildings to data centers to student housing, our prefabricated building systems offer optimal occupant comfort. Key features include superior thermal control, abundant access to daylighting, and flexible, open workspaces. 

Low Maintenance

Prefabricated concrete structures provide superior resistance to fire and natural disasters, providing a long service life due to their durable, low-maintenance materials.

Sound control

Because of concrete’s density, buildings absorb sound, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential buildings.

The City of Roseville is extremely pleased with the project outcome. Publicly-funded projects of this size, scope and complexity are rarely, if ever, completed in the timeframe of 316 Vernon, due in significant part to the precast design and innovative just-in-time construction methods. Other added benefits from an operational perspective include lower long-term maintenance costs, superior sound isolation/exterior noise suppression, and approximately 30% less energy consumption attributable to heating and cooling as a result of the building’s efficient thermal mass. As the owner and occupant, we couldn’t be happier.


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Student Housing East (SHE) is CSULA’s first traditional dormitory facility. Officially named, South Village, the eight-story building includes 1,500 beds, a health and wellness center, dining halls, laundry facilities, kitchens, gathering spaces, and a learning center with classroom space, practice area for musicians, and study rooms.